What We Do.

The FairGreen Capital Advantage

FairGreen Capital (FGC) acquires properties in primary or secondary markets of any vintage that are well-located and are expected to produce sustainable growth. FGC aims to increase a property’s net operating income by proactively resolving any existing physical or operational issues and by creating and implementing a strategy to enhance operational efficiency.

Structural Efficiency:

FGC has the ability to quickly access capital, ensuring efficient responses and prompt closing. In addition, our exceptionally strong research and local networking skills ensure that we enter each purchase with a high degree of preparation and visibility.

Opportunistic Investing:

A hallmark of FGC is our ability to pursue an extensive variety of investment opportunities as they arise; our value-add strategy can generate returns in all market environments. We consistently track market trends and themes, so that our risks - on both a macro and micro level - are known and managed in advance.

Internal Management Maximising Profitability:

FGC excels at combining the analytical, operational and creative aspects of real estate management. Our lean, agile and highly-experienced team is adept at maintaining, improving and refurbishing each asset to ensure maximum profitability.